Monday, May 5, 2008


I know its been awhile so sorry for anyone who reads my blog lol. Well not much has happened since my last post. Cord and I have officially begun the renovations on our home. We began with the cabinets as you can see in this photo our kitchen is a little crazy. I love the color though! We went for antique white and we have had a few messups but all in all i think we r doing okay. My mom came down for a few days to help us out. Thank you mom!!! SHe always does so much for us!

For this weekend Saturday after work we went and hung out with Johnny and Melina! It was fun! We ate pizza and played settlers. Avery did so good! I was so proud. Poor thing got pretty tired though and just konked out.

Melina is about ready to be done i could see. I understand Melina, its almost over! Yay!

Speaking of babies, my sister Cecily is due in June! Im sooo excited! She is having a little boy, name is still not picked yet, but he is gonna be soo cute see!

O i cant wait! Well, If anyone knows me they now i have this thing about making myself face my fears (not necessarily large fears like bears and murderers, but little ones like stage fright and jumping off the wall lol) So sunday we went to our ward for only the first part of sacrament meeting. I wont lie, I totally forgot it was fast sunday! Im used to not fasting from being pregnant and I have missed every fast sunday so far. I need help! lol SOMEONE remind me puh-leeze! Well anyways we went to our ward because Cord had to say the opening prayer. Well as were sitting there cord turns to me and says if i have to say the prayer you have to bare your testimony. My own little prompter lol. Well that got me thinking. I hadn't bore my testimony in probrably 6 years! So i decided to do it. It took me awhile to get up but I did! It felt soo good. It was really short but its done and now hopefully i wont be so scared to get up now! SO that was it for us. Lets hope this week goes well!

Oh and HAppy Birthday Emily, Mike, Matt, and Ryan! And Anyone else i missed im sure there are more I just cant remember all these May Birthdays!!!


Katy said...

Wait! What do you mean Cecily is pregnant? When did this happen?! I mean, obviously 7 months ago, but what's going on?

*Ashley said...

Good job Whit! That was a good update! I bet you're excited about your kitchen!! We're excited to see you guys this weekend!!

Jennifer said...

Hey the cabinets look great! Hope you guys have fun in Cedar without me!!!

Nate & Emily said...

I like the cabinets! You better update us on the finished product! It was great to see you guys this last weekend... and I guess we'll be seeing you this weekend too!

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