Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and CC Visit

My sister CC came for a visit with her son tyson. It was only for a few days but we had a great time going to the park and just hanging out! I miss you CC im so glad you came!!

Easter this weekend was pretty fun. Cords sister jen and and his Mom cam into town. They spent alot of friday moving MJay into his new place and getting things cleaned up. Saturday night they did a glow int he dark egg hunt which I heard was a blast! sadly I had been sick the whole week so I went to the doc saturday and found out I had a sinus infection and conjunctivitis in both eyes. I got some meds though and by Sunday afternoon was well enough to join the festivities. We had lunch and and egg hunt over at Emilys. Shelbi set up a treasure hunt egg hunt very fun for all the kids even Trace got into it, he was very excited. We also ran into Trevor and Christine and their little girl Bella. It was good to see them and gage loved runnin around with Bella and heir dog. It was a very fun day. Molli and Tyler came over too cant wait for them to have their little girl!! Thanks Emily and jen for planning everything and Velda for helping out with the kids so i could get some rest!

Cords Accident

So cord had an accident. he let go of his bow in full draw and it slammed back and punctured his hand. here are a few pics.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whitney Turns 26

Well for my birthday this year Ransom and Katie watched the kids for a bit so Cord and I could go bowling. It was so nice, we havnt had a date in forever! Cord also set up a little party for me that night. We had sandwhiches and Emily made me a yummy cake and Molly gave me a really beautiful present. Cord got me a Compound Bow (which should be here tomorrow) and wrestled with the kids for about half an hour. It was great entertainment lol. All in all it was a very nice birthday! Thanks so much everyone for coming (and molly for wanting to be there!) and cord for planning it. It was great!

We also have had some nice weather lately and have been able to go tot he park. here are some pics of the kids there and just having fun!

Taryns Homecoming

My cousin taryn came home from serving a 2 year mission in Scotland/Ireland. im so proud of her for choosing to serve the lord and branch out of her shell. She did a wonderful job and loved every minute, but Im so glad to have her back. We got to go down for her homecoming and visit for a few days. I stayed with my brother and his wife, thanks Ry and Meg for taking us in! Im so glad I got to see my cousins! Nate and Jon have been gone to costa Rica for awhile and it was so nice to be able to sit and chat with them, taryn, Lori and Benny and Grandma. My parents CC and Tys came up too and the kids had fun jumping on the trampoline int he rain, feeding the bunnies, and watching peter pan. Tys and Ave got to play Cookin cookies with lori and my mom. they had so much fun it was great to hear them laughing. I cant wait til we all can get together again.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gage Turns One!!!!!

In January my cousin Wendy and I had a joint birthday for her daughter Sophia and Gage. It was very last minute but it pulled together nicely! Im so glad most everyone could make it and we had a great time! Thanks to my parents for letting us have it at theie place and for my sisters CC and meg and my Moms help in getting everything ready! Gage and Sophia loved their cakes, gage even dove right in like a piggy face first! it was so great lol. All the kids had fun playing together and the adults got to visit, it truly was awesome!

On February 4th Gage turned one. We had a little party at Emilys, where gage was really tired and sadly not so excited about cake. But im glad we got to see everyone and celebrate. The next day we got to bless Gage. We did it in the morning at our home. Velda and Steve, Jen and Nate, and My parents drove up to be there, even ransom and conrad came. It was truly an awesome thing to have so many people come to be there for gage and us. The blessing went great, Cord did amazing even if gage was a little squirmy. =) We did a bunch of family pictures and visited and then everyone headed out to Rylee's blessing. Her belssing was equally amazing, nate did awesome. afterwards we all went to emilys for some BBQ beef (yum!) and watching the superbowl! I didnt do much watching we were all to busy visiting, but it was a great day!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

A belated post but Im finally getting to it. We went to Eagar this year for Christmas. We went down a week early and stayed a week after. It was very fun. We stayed with Cords parents the first few days and hung out with the family. It was great to see everyone, we havnt been down to AZ in over a year. Once everyone arrived, Cord and the guys played basketball and the girls wrapped presents and hung out, and everyone got involved witht he chess tournament. I got to go to lunch with my sister in law Ashley and her Sister Sal. It was alot of fun and a very nice change of pace for me. We also got to go to lunch with a couple of Sals friends and I had a blast! While there a big snowstorm hit. We got so much snow!! It was nice though, we got to drag the kids around on the sleds and Mike, Johnny, and Brian built a huge snowman with the help of Avery and Raylin. Johnny nad Melina came to visit us at Mike and Ashleys, it was so good to see them!! Their girls are getting so big.
For Christmas Eve dinner Tammy and Brando cooked up a feast. We all ate alot and visited, which is my favorite past-time =). Christmas morning was great. We all got upn(well Nate and I did) at 6:30 am and met at the Wiltbanks (where everyone was still sleeping) =). Cord of course got everyone up with Christmas tunes, avery had a rough time waking up so early she started bawling unitl I showed her the chocolate Santa had brung. Everyone came even Grandma Mary. Her bag had gotten left in Mesa so she wore Steves robe and big socks Christmas morning it was awesome. I heard Gma MARY and ave became close friends. Ave sat and talked to her late for like an hour asking her a ton of questions.
Christmas morning the room was packed full as we passed out presents. We got some great stuff, and were excited with the presents we were able to give. It was really one of the best Christmases. Avery got so excited with every present. "look mom!! A doll!!!" said while jumping up and down. "look its a flashlight!! and BATTERIES!!!" lol She LOVES presents. I wish I had caught it on video. Gage just tried to get down and play with the paper. We got to stay for the next week after and spend time with Jen and her kids and Emily, Nate, Tammy, and Brando.
I also want to say Thanks to Velda and everyone for helping with the kids while I was sick. Poor Gage had some stomache bug while we were down there and I got a flu not a good few days.
Well here are some pictures of the Holiday.

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
We lost sadly, but it was fun to go and see my fam!

ASU Game

ASU Game
Thats right...ASU vs. Washington and we whooped!

Round Valley

Round Valley
I love RV in the Fall! I miss it!