Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday was fun. I drove in to town and Cord and I met up with Ransom and went over to meet Yumi and Jordan. Then we all went bowling! Super fun. I cant remember who lost but I know i got a 133 which is my highest score ever! Then we went and picked my dad up from the airport. He flew in to take us to the Suns vs. Trailblazers game. Jordan came too and we all had a good time! We won of course and now its time for the Playoffs! We play the Spurs and I hope we woop some trash!

Here is us at the game! Cords more
interested in the game than the camera lol
G-pa and Ave partying it up!

Ave missed her nap and was very tired so she
conked out at about half time...
but no worries she woke up in time for the
fourth quarter and the end of the game...


Mike said...

Man you guys are lucky. These blogs sometime just make me mad that I can't be every where and go to everything. Wish I could have gone.

Whitney said...
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Ashley Wiltbank said...

How cute!! Looks like fun!! I'm jealous! =(

Nate & Emily said...

Of course the Suns are going to woop some trash! Avery looks so cute, cant wait to see her again!

Kennedy said...

How fun! I can't believe how cute Ave's chubby cheeks are! I love me some baby chub!

Jenna said...

Hey guys it was fun to see you at Harlee's party. Maybe we should meet up more than every 4 months or so :) Avery is so big and I must say so cute!! She looks like she is just looking for a good time!!

Chelsea Ramirez said...

YOUR BABY IS SOOOO CUTE!!! She is adorable! (I'm gettin a little baby hungry!)
I MISS YOU! I miss the days when we would hop the wall and hang out all day,every day! So how is life in Arizona? How is your family doing? Hey if you talk to Cec anytime soon tell her I said HI and I miss her too! When is she due? Let me know if you guys are ever in Vegas,maybe we could get lunch or something!
I hope all is well! Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Guess the suns...well didn't whoop any trash..better luck next time! cute pics

Wiltbank Family said...

I guess The Suns are one thing that can actually distract Cord. He usually catches everything. Hey G-pa and Ave look a little alike, don't you think? Whitney is so photogenic Cord you should get some tips!

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