Monday, April 7, 2008



Well this is a long time in the coming but a few weeks ago we drove to Cedar to visit Mike and Ash. We had soo much fun! We stayed up pretty late chatting and watching movies. We also went out a bit and 'hiked' around. =)

While we were up there Ash and i drove down to St George to get Ave meds and stopped by the pound to look at puppies and came home with a puppy for Mike. They have since named her Cozy. She is soo cute! We all took the dogs out with us to hike around and had so much fun. It was great seeing the boys and their dogs.

Here is Our fam! (Me, Cord, Ave, and Addi)

Mike and Ave

This is Cord Addi and Mike and I think Cozy is in there somewhere lol

I got to see my brother and his wife who is expecting too! We all hung out and watched a movie and ate pizza. Thanks for letting us come and crash for the week guys!!


Mike said...

That was fun. Thanks for coming. We're going to make a trip down there some time. You guys are awesome.

*Ash said...

Thanks for comin'!! We had so much fun w/ you guys!! We're just sad you're gone! =( We definitely need to do that again sometime! We miss hangin' out w/ you guys!

Jennifer said...

looks like you all had a good time. I miss Cedar:(

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
We lost sadly, but it was fun to go and see my fam!

ASU Game

ASU Game
Thats right...ASU vs. Washington and we whooped!

Round Valley

Round Valley
I love RV in the Fall! I miss it!