Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Family Reunion

SO this weekend was the Allred family reunion. We had it here in Mesa and it was soo much fun! I don't think we got much sleep, it was kinda non-stop action. For us anyway. That first day we all woke up and went to meet at Jen and Nates to head out to the lake. We got out alittle later than planned but we did get out there. It was cold and rainy so the lake was empty but it didnt stop us from tubing!

Here is Cord and Mike getting ready to go out on the very cold lake! They are so funny together. I dont know why but when you see them together you cant help but laugh lol.

G-ma mary and Doug and Caroline came down too!

Take a look at those faces! Pure glee....

Ash and I went out together

Here we are getting ready. Nate is not very nice when he is driving the boat. I flew off everytime...Maybe i just stink at holding on....

On Sunday we all went to the temple for family pics and to see the Joseph Smith movie. It is a great film, and we were able to get some good pics.
Cord and Ave look so cute together dont they!?

Here is Emily and Ave! SHe was

having blast even though she had not taken a nap at all really.
Im glad she did so good.

On MOnday Morning a bunch of us went out to paintball again. The Trist was ready for some action. He won the night before when it was only him and I. I could barely see it was soo dark and I was checking to see if he was where I was getting ready to shoot and Wham! He shot me right in the facemask. Quick little bugger...

Mike was ready to get out there and hurt somebody. He got beat up pretty bad during the game. He got shot in the neck and it startd bleeding and fell over and twisted his ankle too, poor guy. Cord got shot many times too. Nate got him a couple times int he side. His welts are almost black, its nasty but worth it. After that game, Nate and Cord attacked Mike Ryan and Trist as they came back in. Lol it was a free for all and "some people" got hurt pretty bad...

Nate and Emily put off the drive home to paintball with us. EMily got it in the face. She looks soo sad lol. Im glad they stayed though! They ended up leaving after and then coming back again for breakfast, they just couldnt stay away. =)

After everyone left Nate, Jen, Cord, Weston and I all went 4-wheeling. We had soo much fun running through mud puddles and over rocks! Nate and Jen almost got stuck in a huge puddle lol. Thanks to Jenna, G-ma mary and Velda for babysitting even though it got a little nuts! You guys are great!

Here is Cord and I out in the sun four wheeling!

Well it was a fun reunion! I had a great time and so did Cord. Im glad to get some sleep again though but I cant wait for the next one. Thank you to everyone for the great food, fun and company! I hope to see you all soon!


Dorlene said...

Wasn't that Sooo much fun? I'm so glad we got to hang out for the weekend. Whitney you are so much fun and I enjoyed being around you and getting to know you better. Save your $$$ for the cruise -

Jenna said...

I love the pics. I forgot a camera so I'm glad you got some fun ones.

Nate & Emily said...

These weekends always go too fast! It was great to see you guys again. That water was so cold, but worth it anyways!

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