Friday, May 30, 2008

Welts (Is that how you spell it?)

Ok so here are the welts Cord got from Nate Nicholl. They look horrible! Nate an Cord were both already out when Nate shot him but its ok, Cord got some revenge...


Seth and Erin said...

Cord, your one pathetic looser!! No offense. Dang, I wish I could've gone and gotten welts too, so what does tha make me?

Nate & Emily said...

Thats what mine looked like, but in a spot I couldn't show anybody! :) Poor little Cord... hope you are feeling better! (good work on the revenge)

Dorlene said...

Ouch!! Gunnar keeps wanting me to pull up the "owie" and when he sees you he says "owie". Good example of what not to do?

Jennifer said...

Between that and when Triston hit Whitney in the Face to win the game the night before...Paintball is pretty fun huh! J/K Looks like they hurt, to make you feel better Nate *SAID* he got a welt too!

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Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
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