Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family BBQ

So today it was finally Sunshiney, so Emily and Nate decided we should have a BBQ up the canyon. We packed up our food and families and drove to a nice park, kinda busy but the weather was nice (if a little windy). Molly, Tyler and MJay came too. Nate grilled up the food and the guys played frisbee. Trace crawled all over the grass, only to have his hard worked ruined by nate returning him to his starting point. Ave climbed trees, ran around, tried to catch the frisbee, and played with Trace. Gage cried a bit then decided to be happy laying on the grass.

After eating the boys played some mroe frisbee and the girls went over by the stream so avery could throw rocks into the water, and her and trace could put there feet in it. All in all it was avery fun afternoon. Avery had sooooo much fun she fell asleep on the five minute drive home. Gage was out by nine. Thanks Em and Nate for planning a great BBQ!!!


Nate and Emily said...

Good times! I love the pictures you got- nice camera! So glad we finally had a semi-warm day to get and do something!! We'll have to do it again.

*Ashley said...

Cute pics! Mike was super jealous when he saw this post and I'm pretty to sure he wants to move to UT like tomorrow...

Velda said...

Oh how I wished!!!!!!

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
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ASU Game
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