Friday, July 1, 2011

Fishing and Dancing

So last weekend Cord and I decided to take Avery fishing. We got a tiny fishing pole and she was soo excited the whole week to go and catch a "tiny" fish because, in her words, 'we dont want a GIANT one.' lol So on saturday we packed up the cooler and gear and addi went with Nate, Em, Rans, Katie, and the kids to some river near spanish fork to fish. Even though the river was to fast and the water too high, we had some fun. Addi had a blast running all over and jumping in the water. This freaked ave out a bit since we had been telling her all week she would get swept away if she went in the water so she had a nice freak out when addi went in the water, and thought she was gonna get swept away. She was so worried about addi she wouldnt even try to fish, which was ok since we didnt catch any fish anyways. It was nice though to be outside and be able to be with friends and family.
After the river we tried a reservoir by Emily and Nates house, but that was like a huge beach party since everyone was swimming. The kids and Ransom braved the water though and swam a bit. Trace just loved the water lol. Im glad we all got to go and had so much fun!

The other day I was watching So you Think you can Dance and Glee with Ave and everytime some music came on she would start dancing. She really has some moves lol. Ive got to get her in a dance class. Here are some videos of her dancing.


Mike said...

A fishing trip where you didn't catch anything and I'm still super jealous that I wasn't there! The dancing video never posted and I want to see it.

Nate and Emily said...

It was good times! I like the pictures you took Whit, I should take my camera more places. I'd love to see your dancing videos too!

Whitney said...

Im trying to get them to laod they take like an hour each for some reason and the internet keeps going in and out so they never post. Hopefully soon!

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
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ASU Game
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Round Valley

Round Valley
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