Sunday, October 26, 2008

October and Avery's Birthday

Well hello again everyone! Sorry it's been so long, we have been busy. Well alot has happened! Cord and I have traveled a bit. For conference weekend we went to Eagar, it was nice to see Tammy and the girls and Mike and Ryan and Trist. We have fun hanging out and listening to conference. We had a BBQ and played games. it got a little crazy....but it was a blast! Thanks Tammy for hanging with us!

Avery turned one this month! We went to Vegas to see my family, and all the new babies! (My sister Kennedy had a girl Rory, and my sister in law Megan had a little boy Aidric) They are soo cute! So while down there we had a little party for Avery. Family and friends came and we had cake, pizza and a good time. Avery got a few presents, thank you everyone for the gifts! They are great and Avery of course LOVES them! She got some clothes and toys and a really cool Alphabet caterpillar stuffed animal. =) She is almost walking now, soon we won't know what to do with her running around everywhere!

Also, this past week Steve came up and he and Mike helped Cord to extend our loft! It's not completely done yet, but it looks amazing and Cord and I can't wait to finish it! Thank you Steve and Mike for all your help!

Also, Cord and I just got a new calling in our ward. We are now Nursery workers! I know, Avery is gonna get to go into nursery a little early I guess. I hope its fun!

Halloween is coming up. I'll post some pics of Avery in her costume soon. She is soo cute! I put up some decorations, my halloween signs and of course spiderweb, which I thought looked cool until the wind blew it down. Lame.

Well that is all that is new with us! Hope y'all are doing great! Have a happy HALLOWEEN!!!

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Seth and Erin said...

I think you recieved that calling because they were sick of Cord running around during priesthood playing around and crying when he was hungry. Now you can handle both of your kids at church Whit.

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