Friday, August 22, 2008

Man we have ALOT to cover....

So we had our family reunion this year. It was a blast! Cord got to golf, and I got to see my family and go visit the old ranch. We had huge dinners, and breakfast! Mmm... It was just fun to go and see everyone. Im jealous my cousin Taryn got to go repelling with my Uncle cory though. Avery loved being outside at the ranch. She was just laughing while crawling around in the grass attacking my little cousin Jansen. =) We found this little icecream/sandwhich shop there and it was sooo good!! I swear I ate there everyday. Below is a slideshow of the pictures I took!

Last Friday we celebrated Cords birthday! I dont have too many pictures from it because my camera was almost dead. It was fun though. I took Cord shooting at the range and we got to shoot pistols! It was fun, and then we picked Avery up at Johnny and Melina's (thank you for babysitting!!!) then all went over to the park to play frisbee. It was so nice to play again! i miss it. Then we headed over to Jennifers to BBQ and swim. Thank you Adam for grilling up the burgers! Everyone just hung out and watched Olympics or swam. it was fun. Sorry Jen for raiding your home til all hours but thank you so much for letting us use your house!
Thank you to everyone who pitched in on the food and present, and who just came! You all made it a great birthday for Cord!
Btw Cord's present was Tom Petty tickets!!

Well the concert was Wednesday August 20th. Cord and I got ready and drove the hour and a half to Glendale. Our seats were way up top so we couldn't really see much. So we went and got ourselves some T-shirts (long line!) then went back up and ast by Mike and Ash after Steve Winwood was done playing. Adam came over to see our seats, he was in a box with some billionaires and Nicole (lol) and we all decided we should sneak down to the front. So we went down and walked right past the little ticket guy and wandered around trying to find seats, when Tom Petty came out! So we ran to the front and were right there about 3 rows back for the opening song!!! It was amazing!!!!! After about 2 songs though the ticket guy came up and asked us for our tickets then told us to get out once he realized we didnt have them lol. So we followed Mike thinking he was gonna go to the back to find seats but he just ran right on out. So we went back to our normal seats in the bird nest to enjoy the rest of the concert. It was stil fun because we had some crazy folks dancing in front us. Poor guy had No moves left! Oh well.
Thank you Jessica for babysitting so late!!! It was so much fun!


Nate & Emily said...

Seems like I miss out on all the fun! Wish we could have meet up with you guys when you were up here but looks like your Family Reunion was fun. Wish I could have made the pary... Happy Birthday Cord! Tom Petty thats awesome!

*Ashley said...

I've been SO behind on my blogging!! That was SO much fun!! I want to go see him again!! You need to send me those pics!

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