Sunday, November 2, 2008


So this year is Avery's second Halloween technically but for all that matters it really was her first. We got her a Monkey costume and dressed her up and I went and took her Trick-or-Treating! I don't care if its weird to take a one year old Trick-or-Treating i believe you have to go! Well we had fun alot of our neighbors really decked out their garages and did haunted houses and just fun decorations. We got a ton of candy! The police were even out aptrolling and giving out glow necklaces! Well, I thought i'd been gone only an hour, but it turns out I'd been gone two! Cord had been driving around looking for us, I felt so bad! And to top it all off we got invited to our friends house and now couldn't go because it was too late! Oh my I felt horrible! I hope I can make it up next year!
But Avery had fun, and Cord and I got to hang out with eachother so it was ok. Hope everyone else had a spectacular Halloween!


*Ashley said...

How fun!! What a little cutie! I bet she had a blast! She is SO adorable!

Seth and Erin said...

Whitney, what's with the hooker I mean witch on your photo album? You got so excited trick or treating you couldn't control yourself and lost track of time, that's good Whit. I know never to ask you to do stuff on halloween, I'll know what you really want to do instead.

Mike said...

Awesome pics of Avery

Nate & Emily said...

Avery looks so cute! And she turned one, how did I miss her birthday?! Cant believe she is already one! Well I cant wait to see her again and you guys too... I guess!! :)

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