Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Vegas Weekend

So Ave and I flew down to Vegas again this past weekend for a double birthday party for my niece and nephew Rory and Aidric. It was very fun, we got to hang out and help get everything ready for the party. We got to see my grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins, as well as friends we hadn't seen in forever. Amy and Tim your little girls are so adorabale congrats! There were some downs though. Ave had a bit of trouble sleeping so we only got a few hours a night, but we made it through! Here are some pics of Ave at the party and when we got home.

Here is Aidric the Bday Boy going at the cake like a champion!

Here is the Birthday Girl Rory 'saurus' as Cadi calls her, not to be shown up by Aidirickles

Avery angry she cannot have cake in a highchair too...

Here are the birthday babes!

Here is Ave playing the piano with G-ma concentrating very hard...

She looks at me like, "Why are you bothing us?"

Ave chillin

Avery eating on the floor with her half glare..

Here she is again shoving fishes into her mouth, so graceful...

Here ave is in another of her 'feminine' moments picking her nose

Watching a movie and getting scared

This is the famous full on mad face

This is the glare

And here she is finally Happy!

Sorry if alot of them are similar its all I have!


*Ashley said...

She is hilarious! It's so crazy to see her so big next to those little guys! I can't believe she's almost 2!! Time is flying!!

Nate & Emily said...

I love seeing your pictures- they always make me laugh! She is so funny, little Avery! We miss her!

Kennedy said...

I love Avery! Birthday pictures please? And maybe one in the cute hat Aunt Kennedy made for her? lol I understand if she just pulls it kids do that...I am sad we couldn't come and wish we would have come to visit you instead of having our lame yard sale.

Mike said...

Those glares she's giving are awesome.

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
We lost sadly, but it was fun to go and see my fam!

ASU Game

ASU Game
Thats right...ASU vs. Washington and we whooped!

Round Valley

Round Valley
I love RV in the Fall! I miss it!