Sunday, August 30, 2009

Under Construction

Well everyone our house is almost done!! The upstairs floor is almost done and we just have a little bit to paint and voila! I will actually have a HOME again. I am so excited.
Well Ave is doing great. She learns a new word everyday. She now says water, so yummy, wheres addi? there she is!, shoot, and cheese, whered it go?, teeth, balloon, and poop. We are working on potty training. She will sit on the toilet and wipe but wont go yet but thats ok! Im just proud of the improvements. :)
I just started school again this semester and hopefully will pass so I can graduate in the spring!! Well that is my update! Hope all is well with everyone! Here are some pictures of Ave.

This is her angry face...

Ave and her cousin Aidric

Ave made this face every time Cord turned on the saw to cut a floor board it was hilarious!


Seth and Erin said...

Wow she is getting big!! Hopefully you guys can get the house projects done for a little while and rest, it seems like there are never ending projects at your house right now.

Birrell Family said...

Try teaching Avery to say "I want to move to Utah in the Spring"

*Ashley said...

Those are hilarious!! We saved a few of 'em! She is so animated! I can't believe she stays in the moment long enough for you to get a picture too! That's so funny! She must really be into it!

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
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ASU Game

ASU Game
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Round Valley

Round Valley
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