Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Well it was Valentines day yesterday. Didn't really feel like Valentines because of course I got to work. It was busy though. So that was good and I got cut first so I got to spend some time with Cord and my mom. My mom visited this week. Thanks mom for all the gifts and taking care of Ave while we had to work. I love my mom. Im so glad when she visits. We got rid of our nasty entertainment center too and got a nice smaller one. Finally! My house may now start looking like a home instead of a place we just moved into. So how is everyone else? Avery is 15 months old i cant beleive the time went so fast. Well let me know how its going. Ill post some pictures soon.


Wiltbank Family said...

Proud of you guys. Sure enjoyed Avery this last week. She is full of ???????isn't she.

Ryan and Megan said...

you guys should move here or to vegas. we miss seeing you and your hilarious daughter. we seriously laugh till we cry almost every time we get a vid from you whit. how are you?? we are just getting over being sick and now i much clean the insanity that is the apartment lol how is you?

Seth and Erin said...

Wow, an update. I understand though, I know how busy you guys have been. I'm crossing my fingers, hopefully we'll be down there to see you guys during our spring break!! We are trying to head down there on the 13th of march and stay till the 18th in eagar and in phoenix. We'll let you know!!!

Birrell Family said...

Well I found you guys through Katie & Ransom's blog. It's kinda clear you need to update this blog more often and post pictures. Avery's a doll, I believe Conrad got to spend time with her in AZ. We will set them up in 20 years or so XOXOXO. I keep up on your news through Ransom & Katie and sure miss seeing you... hopefully one day. I know how busy you are. Until then I will read you blog so take the time to post!!! You can find our news at Take care.

Nate & Emily said...

Tell Avery I would love to see her, so she should talk her parents into coming to visit Utah! :)

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
We lost sadly, but it was fun to go and see my fam!

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ASU Game
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Round Valley

Round Valley
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