Wednesday, February 6, 2008


True Fans
Well this weekend was fun! My parents came down for a day or two and we got to hang out, and Cords family was down as well. On saturday I went to potato barn with Velda and Steve and then again with my parents. poor Avery had to be carted around all day but she didnt mind lol. Im glad my parents got to see her! i miss them and being able to share with them all the cute stuff she does so much. On Sunday we went to church and then watched the Superbowl! Awesome game, and the Giants won so yay! Mike and Jordan came to join cord and i and his family. it was fun we ate pizza and wings and i am sure everyone had at least 5 sodas lol.
This week I finally made an appointment for Avery to get her chekced for acid reflux and colic. Im sure she has both the poor thing. She gets pretty fussy at night and isnt always great furing the day but we love the good times. =) It's funny, I don't feel like she is an extremely hard baby (although Cord assures me she is) but when i compare her to others she is not easy that is for sure. i don't want to complain though, I have beautiful girl who just has issues with her tummy.
We went to get her shots the other day and I swear those people WANT to make these babies cry. She was asleep and I made the comment " maybe she will stay sleep" and the lady replied " oh no she wont" in a very sinister sounding tone. And then she Jabbed those giant needles into her poor little legs. She DID cry but only til the lady was done. And then we got her some tylenol for the pain. She got a mild fever but is ok now. She has a runny nose though.

She has started smiling and just recently began laughing. lol Its so cute when she wakes up laughing. Its fun to watch her discover he hands and learn to grab. i feel like a fool because i spend most of my day making rediculous faces trying to make her smile and laugh. It is so cute though i cant help it! i hate going to work because i miss her but at least i am with her most of the time.
I wonder when she will get hair, she is so bald except for her little mullet she has rockin in the back. Oh well, that is all I have for now. If you have any comments about ways to help with reflux or colic let me know.


Mike and Ash said...

Well...sorry, I don't have any advice for reflux or colic! Haha! I LOVE the bottom pic! She is a character!

I'm glad you're blogging again!! :)

Ryan & Megan said...

dude that third picture of avery...HILARIOUS!!!

Jennifer said...

You've got the greatest pictures of her, they are so funny. I hope they give her that stuff I gave you. It sure helped Dax stop spitting up and he slept better after I started giving it to him too.

Kennedy said...

The only thing that I have heard about reflux and colic is that they should be sleeping a an incline. With their heads slightly higher than their feet. I have no idea if it works, but I have heard good things from others. Good luck and I hope that they are able to get her something to make like that much better!

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