Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and CC Visit

My sister CC came for a visit with her son tyson. It was only for a few days but we had a great time going to the park and just hanging out! I miss you CC im so glad you came!!

Easter this weekend was pretty fun. Cords sister jen and and his Mom cam into town. They spent alot of friday moving MJay into his new place and getting things cleaned up. Saturday night they did a glow int he dark egg hunt which I heard was a blast! sadly I had been sick the whole week so I went to the doc saturday and found out I had a sinus infection and conjunctivitis in both eyes. I got some meds though and by Sunday afternoon was well enough to join the festivities. We had lunch and and egg hunt over at Emilys. Shelbi set up a treasure hunt egg hunt very fun for all the kids even Trace got into it, he was very excited. We also ran into Trevor and Christine and their little girl Bella. It was good to see them and gage loved runnin around with Bella and heir dog. It was a very fun day. Molli and Tyler came over too cant wait for them to have their little girl!! Thanks Emily and jen for planning everything and Velda for helping out with the kids so i could get some rest!


Mike said...

As always I can't stand that Grant is missing out on all these events with his cousins. Also on a side note it's kind of weird seeing those Nicoll kids in the mix now. I assume that's going to be happening more and more now.

Whitney said...

Im sure it will! We miss little grant too, you guys really need to get up here....Like now =)

Cristina said...

it was so fun that we got to see you guys! what a small world having our family members be neighbors! we loved watching bella and gage run around together :)

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Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
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