Sunday, October 23, 2011

Four Years Old!

Avery turned four years old the 22nd of October. I cant believe she is getting so big! I feel like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital and at the same time It feels like weve had her forever. She is one of the greatest blessings weve ever been given and we are so glad to have her in our family. Avery is a little clown and a princess. She loves sparkles and pink, big dresses and high heels (up-shoes)but shes also a tom boy she loves sports, horses, blocks, swords, and tools. She sinds the craziest songs and dances everywhere. Life with Ave is fun, crazy, exhausting, and frustrating and we love every minute of it, we wouldnt have life any other way. We had her birthday party yesterday. My sister CC and her son tyson came up for the event, and we had a few of Aves friends over. We played a few games like eating the doughnut off the string, and did an egg spoon race. Both of these were very funny to watch. Then we played a little baseball and ate some yummy food. After that we painted pumpkins and then decorated monster cupcakes. After singins happy birthday and eating some cake we opened gifts, all of which Avery loved! I feel like it was a real success, and i know Ave loved it! Later that day Aunt Emily and Trace came over to visit and we went to the park and played some volleyball while the kids played. All in all Avery had an awesome birthday, thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us! Happy Birthday little girl!

Aunt CC and the nuggets

My little girl and I

Birthday Girl!

Opening Presents

Daddy, Little Man, and MJay

Blowin out candles

Guess you have to eat like a monster when youre having monster cupcakes..

Willem slurpin a worm

yummy monsters...

Conrad as Nacho

Decorating the cupcakes

Tyson and Conrad trying to get the doughnuts

Eating the doughnuts

The Turds =)


Mike said...

Can't believe how jealous I am about not getting to go to a 4 year old's birthday. M. Jay's facial hair is crazy.

Kennedy said...

I so wish we could have been there! When did she grow up so much?? I miss her silly self.

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
We lost sadly, but it was fun to go and see my fam!

ASU Game

ASU Game
Thats right...ASU vs. Washington and we whooped!

Round Valley

Round Valley
I love RV in the Fall! I miss it!