Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whats New?

So whats new in the Wiltbank home? Oh not much. As some know we just moved...again. The owner of our rental place forclosed on his properties and so we were asked to leave. After about three weeks of stress we got lucky and found a place and moved in. Its a little smaller than our old place but more secure and has three rooms which is nice. Its also right next to our friends Ransom and Katie so the location is great! Id like to give a special thanks to Ransom, paul, Larry, and my mom for helping with the move, and to Katie for watching ave for us you guys really made it all happen thanks so much!!

Right after we moved I got to go on a two week trip, with my mom and my sister in law Megan and her two kids, to Nebraska to visit my sister and then to Oklahoma to go to Jessicas wedding then to vegas to get stuff together for a few days then back home. I swear we spent more time in the car than out of it but im so glad we went. The kids were great in the car suprisingly, and we had a great time. Visiting kenji was great we got to see the girls and go to the Childrens Museum. Ave loved picking Cadi up from school and all the kids had fun playing together. Oklahoma was beautiful. Im sad I didnt get to be by my friends side the whole weekend like I wanted to but Im so glad I got to be there with her for one of the most important days of her life. Jessica you truly are the best friend a girl could have and I am so happy for you! We also got to see Emma, Jannika, Tasha, Kristen, and Doug there. Avery was an excellent flower girl (pictures will be posted after i get them from my mom) and loved Walking down the isle and looking at Jessicas princess dress. She had a little too much fun at the reception and ran herself into a puke, but really it wouldnt have been official if she hadnt. lol
Then we dropped meg off in St george and returned to vegas. We all got sick but still had fun playing with tyson and hanging with aunt CC and Gma and Gpa. Ave was the only one brave enough to go swimming she just jumped right in (with her floaties and tube of course lol) and swam for an hour or two in the very cold water. We got to bring tyson up with us from vegas for the weekend and they had a blast playing while we tried to get the house back together in Provo.

Now we are home and getting ready for the holiday season to begin. Averys Birthday is soon, and she is so ready. She is such a big girl now I cant believe how fast she is growing. She loves to dance all the time and always wants to be in skirts anad dresses that are pink and sparkly. She also loves tools and fixing things and dinosaurs and horses. She cant wait to go riding again Nate! lol Gage is getting his first ooth, its just peeking through. He is 17 lbs now and getting so big. He can sit up all by himself and is really trying to crawl, but he is such a floppy kid. No standing for him he just bends but he can down food like a champ. Avery and Gage are best friends and love eachother so much. Well thats it for now! Hopefully something interesing will happen and i can post again soon.


Mike said...

Oh my heck, those pictures of Gage are killing me. He's getting so big without me seeing it. It makes me really excited to see him, hopefully soon. And I always miss Avehead.

Birrell Family said...

I love your pictures... and your kids... you guys too!

Whitney said...

Thanks Brenda! We need to come see you soon! And thanks for all of your guys help it was very much appreciated!

And Mike She misses you too! We look at your little picture book all the time. I think we get to come down for Christmas! We are so excited! I cant wait to see Grant again he is growing so fast.

Christie said...

your kids are so adorable! I love Ave's spunk!

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Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
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