Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ave and Tyson on the phone

Avery and Tyson talking on the phone:
T: I want chocolate.
A: You dont have anymore chocolate!
T: Yeeeeaaah,,, I dont.
T: I have glasses.
A: yeah daddy went to school huh.
T: Ave coming to visit.
A: I cant.. IO HAVE to stay here in mommas house.
T: i have to stay here in Gmas house.
A: where are the guns? I dont have anymore guns! their all gone! Wheres you guns?
T: My hands. I run and go POW!
A: theres water on the mountain..and the snow...and theres water on the mountain.
T: Yeeeeaaaahhh. I wanna go to your house!
A: Tyson! My tummy hurts!
T:I want to go! lets go.
A: you wanna go to my house?
T: i wanna go to your house!
A: your leg hurts? no?
T:i want to play baseball!
A: ok come see the baby. you cant kiss her! you dont kiss the baby! be soft we dont hit the babies!
T: i tyson!
A: you tyson?! my name is avery!
T: i want to go you house
A: ooooooookaaaay.... fine! you can come my house!
T: i wanna go!
A: dont yell you be mean!! ok you happy??
T: no i just see whitney and avery. i love them so much!
A: you wanna come and go myhouse?
T: yeaaaah!!

this went on for like 30 minutes lol! it was so awesome

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Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers

Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers
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