Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ah The Terrible Two's...

So as some of you have maybe heard, Avery and I had an adnventure on Saturday. I had heard from a friend that when transitioning a toddler from crib to bed that it helps to turn the knob around so you can lock the door so they cant get out of the room. Well cord and I tried this and it failed miserably, so we moved her back to the crib but forgot to switch the knob around. Well Saturday morning about 9 I went in to the room to turn on a movie, and lo and behold I turn around and Avery has locked the door and closed it with us INSIDE the room. So, for about an hour I searched the room for a bobby pin or anything i could use to open the door. I tried hangers, screws, even a nail I pulled out of the wall outside the window. I climbed outside and tried to get in other windows which of course were locked. ALl this time avery was offering her help and asking me to open the door. Well cord was not going to be homeuntil 430, and I had no cell, and I was NOT going to stay locked in there all day. So at my wits end, I decided to punch a hole through the door and unlock it. It worked. =)

Here is the door....

Lesson learned: Dont turn the knob on a two year olds door. They will use it against you.


Birrell Family said...

You go girl! Nothing that a little duct tape won't fix. Great story... COME to Utah and tell us all about it :)

Seth & Erin Finch said...

HAHA now you know how I felt when I had to bust my front door down!!!

Mike said...

Wow. That's a funny story. I can just picture Avery just telling you to open the door and not understanding what's so difficult about this.

Nate & Emily said...

Things really are crazy in Arizona! Good thing you've been working out I guess! :) Thats so funny!

Kennedy said...

Oh. My. I don't think that I have laughed this hard in a long time. I have never been so glad in my life that my kids LIKE their beds! :o) I can totally see this happening to me. I'm glad that you got out!

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